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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

E-Week 2012: Pen strokes Child Abuse

Our steps ahead doesn’t mean we have covered the excellence we goaled for. We have gum balls stuck on our feet that hampered the progressive way throughout, and if not removed, will tend to do so hence forth as well. Child abuse and women harassment are critical exigencies that should be killed at the earliest. Awareness and anguish have been pen stroked by a first year student- Sana in her sketches, which we feel proud to showcase them here.

E-Week 2012: Expressions in Sketches

Evils not only occupy hell, but they have spreaded themselves and have made a parasitic existence here on earth too. Killing individuals of their own race is not just confined at extremum, but has reached peaks in cruelty with committing cases of Infanticide.
Though the incidents do occur, but some people do prefer to live confined with their silence. A criminal offence it should be too.  Our first student – Sana, tried to show this infliction in her sketches.

Saturday, 11 February 2012

E-Week 2012: WALKATHON that will steer us towards 'Inventing the Future'

The morning calls a new beginning; new zest, and new aims to conquer. And today on 12th of February we are set with our crew to extend the awareness program that will be propagated from our college campus, BCET, and will extend to a wide scale, hovering over large coverage of masses of Durgapur through our gigantic WALKATHON! The entrepreneurial spirit that we generate in our campus must not be limited to our students only and we propose that it should reach the people in our society too. The buzzing voice of ‘We Can…We Will’, will be raised to the heights of sky soon. Huge participation we are having from our students’ side, and other than that local residents are also following us. The charismatic loud voice will penetrate the minds throughout the city and our objective of creating awareness about having a secured and stable future. What we do today, is reflected in what we will be turning out to be in tomorrow. So it is very much crucial to work at present effectively so that the future that will unfold should have loads of opportunities for every one of us. And here begins our caravan…


“The topic ‘Invent The Future’ is a very good one, timely, intellectual and brain stimulating one. Especially ‘Look Within’ is eye catching. We know through our wisdom of being in industry for 33-35 years that 90 to 95 % problems’ answers are available with the people working around. It is our duty to encash those thoughts for development of the future of our society.
I wish the programme a grand success; look forward to be 1st again.”
                                                                                   -  P. K. Mishra, Executive Director, ASP, SAIL

“It is easy to say but difficult to do. We need the will to succeed and excel in life.
                                                                                   - Prof. Dr. P K Dutta, Principal, DIMS

 “A week long entrepreneurship program that is being organised is a highly effective tool of incorporating the feel of satisfaction that can be driven in boys and girls having to pursue their own enterprises. It is hoped that the institution will push it forth.”
                                                                                   -  Mr. S. Sengupta

“NEN – the main motto of the week is to change the concept of future generation from shifting from jobs ssector to become the boss of their own. Gujarat, the vibrant state of western India produces people who always dream to be an Entrepreneur after their HS. They seldom dream of becoming doctors, engineers etc. Sitting in the eastern part, I hope and pray this paradigm shift of mentality comes very quickly to our students from Bengal. I am positive, coming 2020 students from Bengal shall always dream to be an entrepreneur. Best wishes to the organisers.
                                                                                  -   Dr. Amitava Ghosh, Principal, BCPSR

“NEN week management programme is being conducted excellently. I wish other programmes will follow with equal enthusiasm. Ultimately, this year also our performance will be judged as the best in India.
                                                                                 -  Prof. Dr. A. C. Ganguly, Director, SKSgi

“The NEN gives you an opportunity to shape and give form to the sparks of innovations in the firework of an enterprise. Let all make use of the platform and flourish.
                                                                                 -  Mr. S. K. Brahmachari, Principal, BCET

“I consider myself a part of the NEN activities. I have been watching the activities of NEN, BCET, presented during the E-Week for the last three years. I am delighted to see that it is making a continuous improvement. Please keep it up. All the best.”
                                                                                 - Mr. A. Bhattacharya

“The cell of SKSgi has been at the forefront of the entrepreneurial evolution in India along with NEN. Initially, it was the awareness process of the benefits of the entrepreneurship and gradually with B-plans, technical flavours it is presently evolving towards incubation centres like IITs and IIMs and many top grading institutes in India. Now, the aspects of sustainability, revenue, stream generating campus ecosystem, process evolution has become the prime importance than awareness or concepts and motivation. With support from AICTE, DST and other agencies, I look forward to this cell becoming the nodal centre of activities in this vibrant industrial region looking onto the future. All the best to campus coordinators.
                                                                              -   Mr. Saradindu Mondal, Advisor, SKSgi

E-Week 2012: Andru Labz' 'Insect Robot'

The project revolves around an insect robot that does the work of surveillance. It bears supersonic sensors mounted on its head that senses the upcoming obstacles on its way. It carries a chip embedded on it that allows looping of numerous artificial intelligence’s algorithms that control its behaviours. This project has been started by Mr. Soumyakanti Bhattacharjee and Mr. Amartya Mukherjee, founders of Andru Labz, SKSgi.
Today at the inauguration ceremony, Andru Labz project on Insect Robot, we had Mr. P. K. Mishra as our Chief Guest of Honour with us, Executive Director, ASP, SAIL, who turned up with profound happiness on going thorough Mr. Soumyakanti’s project and watching the live action of his Insect Robot.
Check here the video:

Friday, 10 February 2012

E-Week 2012: (Live) Speeches on the flow

We are having remarkable and auspicious speeches from our chief guests. Students are very keen to collect the notions and experiences they are offering . The auditorium is fully filled with students and their energy.

The CEO of Titan Engineering workshop, Shri Indrajeet Sengupta during the inauguration ceremony : "Inspite of global recession,India is doing great in its prospects many large steel pants are coming up in this town. SKSgi is certainly looking to have bright prospects in the near future..."

E-Week 2012: Launch of Pre-E Week Video

We are proud to launch the Pre-E Week video that yells the preparations that we did before the chief guests and arrived delegates.
Check the video here :